Choose Your Lining For Roman Blinds or Curtains

No Blind is complete without a good lining, it helps protect the fabric from direct sunlight.

Deluxe Sateen Ivory

The Deluxe Ivory Sateen lining is a cotton rich lining that comes in both white and ivory.  It is a excellent quality lining.
This would be my personal lining choice if you do not require blackout or interlining for your Bespoke Roman Blind or Made to Measure Curtains .
The fuller crease resistant construction of this lining will give your Roman Blinds body, and drape beautifully when lining Curtains.
This lining will protect your fabric from harmful sunlight. This is a UK produced lining.
The white option works well with fabrics which have a white base.

Deluxe Sateen Ivory

Deluxe Sateen Ivory

White Sateen

Deluxe Sateen White

Economy Sateen Ivory



The Economy lining choice.  Ivory in colour and lighter thinner lining than the Deluxe option.

Ivory Sateen

Economy Sateen Ivory


Bonded Interlining

Polycotton sateen combined with synthetic interlining.

Choose insulating bonded interlining for inside recess blinds to reduce heat loss from

your windows and assist in energy saving this winter.

combined blackout interlining      combined lining interlining

Combined Blackout Interlining.Combined Lining Interlining.

Blackout Ivory/White

Supersoft Standard Blackout 100% blackout, washable, dry cleanable, sound and heat

insulating. This lining greatly reduces light coming from outside penetrating the room, so

it is perfect for bedrooms.

black out whiteblack out ivory

Black out white.              Black out ivory.