Measuring For Curtains

It's easy to create an order for our fabulous made to measure Curtains.

  1. Click on the fabric of your choice from the collections available.
  2. Type in your width, drop. Choose a lining and header style. If you choose Eyelets, please make sure you choose one of the colour options.
  3. Click on the Quote button to update the price.


Normal Placement of the rail is extending approx 20cm either side of recess and approx 15cm above recess.

Width: When inserting a width in the curtain quote box. Measure the total width of the rail excluding the finials (decorative ends) 

Drop for Pencil, Triple, Double and Goblet Headings: Measure the drop of the finished curtains. From where you wish the top of the curtains to be to where you wish them to finish.

Drop for Eyelet Heading: Measure from top of pole to where you wish the curtains to finish, approx 4cm will be added to the for the fabric above the eyelet.